Remove and BrowserSafeguard.exe from your computer

This article will help you remove and BrowserSafeguard.exe browser hijacker from your computer.

This browser hijacker claims to add more security and protect you from dangerous content that anti-virus programs may not consider. Users commonly install free software downloaded from the internet for free that comes bundled with this browser hijacker – which as of now has no proven additional layer of protection for your computer. It justs shows ads on websites and search results on your browser.

To remove this browser hijacker completely from your computer, follow the instructions below:

1. Check your proxy settings if something has changed. Restore to automatic.
2. Reset browser to default settings.
3. Restore browser homepage and search engine to default.
4. Disable or Remove add-on and extensions on your browser.
5. Uninstall new software installed via the Control Panel.
6. Disable unknown startup items via System Configuration.
7. Remove or browsersafeguard.exe from browser Properties > Shortcut > Target
8. Perform a full system scan using the Trend Micro Titanium Security to check and remove remnants of the potentially unwanted program (PUP) from your computer.

If issue still persists, search and delete this registry entry and folder listed below:

C:\Program Files (x86)\BrowserSafeguard\

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