Speedtest.net is a popular website that allows users to accurately test the upload and download speed of their internet connection – broadband, 3G and 4G. It is a free service offered by Ookla.
You can also watch this short video clip that shows how to use speedtest.net by nickscomputerfix on Youtube.com:

McAfee anti-virus software usually comes bundled with Dell computers and internet services from AT&T and Cox as well as other online service providers such as MSN and AOL.
If you prefer using other 3rd-party anti-virus software but you are having problems removing McAfee from your computer, you can follow the step-by-step instructions below at your own risk:

Uninstall the McAfee anti-virus software through the Control Panel.
Download the

If you kept on getting pop-up messages on your screen from Lucky Leap then you might have installed the Lucky Leap toolbar or another potentially unwanted program (PUP) on your browser.
Once enabled on your computer, annoying advertisements will start appearing on online shopping websites that you visit such as eBay, Amazon, Walmart and 91mobiles.com then the default search engine and homepage will get modified.
This software

Klout.com is a popular service where users gets online ranking based on their influence in social media.
If you are already using Klout, you can check this short video clip on the 10 ways to increase your klout score by Tweetfind on Youtube.com:

You are here because when you tried performing a full scan on your computer using the Avast! anti-virus software but the scan stopped at a certain point like 89% and gets the blue screen of death (BSOD).
The possible cause for the stucked scan is any of the following:

The detected threat is a critical component of the Windows operating system.
The file scanned by Avast! is corrupted

Diply.com is a popular website where users can share and view original content online.
It features content in multiple categories such as: animals, diy, funny, inspirational, parenting, random thoughts about life, art, architecture, home design, kids, men, women, style, culture, food, photography, tech, and travel.

The DarkComet Remote Administration Tool or Trojan (RAT) is a program used to take another Windows computer under control remotely.
This software might be detected by antivirus software as a malicious software due to its multiple capabilities listed below:

Gather system information
Manage file much better than an FTP Server
Control processes running on a computer
View and modify registry entries
Modify startup programs and services
Distributed Denial of Service (DDOS)

Texas.gov (also accessible via www.state.tx.us) is the official website of the State of Texas – the second most populous state after california.
It offers visitors, citizens, and businesses online access to government services such as vehicle registration renewal, driver license renewal, access to driver records, birth certificate requests and concealed handgun license.
You can check this video clip below on how to renew your driver license