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Similar Sites

To start using this search engine, users have to enter the domain of a website then hit Search. For example, if you enter – the search engine results page should show any of the following related websites:,,, and

To use on your browsers, you can download and install the following extensions:

  • For Google Chrome. Check out the SimilarWeb Chrome extension at the Chrome Web Store.
  • For Mozilla Firefox. Check out the SimilarWeb Firefox addon at

You can watch this short video clip about SimilarSites for more information:

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Best applications and services used to share large files


This article will help you find applications that you can use to share large files to anyone (especially when your email is set to have a limited attachment file size).

Here are some of the best online service providers:

  1. is a popular cloud storage service provider that allows anyone to upload, share and download any type of files on the internet.
  2. by Box Inc. is a popular freemium cloud storage, file sharing and/or content management service for personal, business and enterprise users.
  3. is the official online portal of OneDrive – a popular online storage and file sync service offered by Microsoft.
  4. is the official website of Apple Inc’s cloud-storage service.
  5. is a popular website which offers a service wherein users can upload, store and share their files, and documents online.
  6. Trend Micro SafeSync is a service that takes advantage of a cloud file storage server where users can backup and store their files on the cloud like pictures, music, movies, and other important files from anywhere with your computer, tablet, or smart phone.
    safesync logo
  7. Dropbox is a data backup, synchronization and recovery software application that allows users to save their data, file, documents, music and video in the cloud then share it with other users through the internet.
  8. is a file backup, sharing and syncing software and service that allows users to easily access all their media content anywhere from desktop to mobile devices.

You can also try other services such as SugarSync, WeTransfer, HighTail, Adobe SendNow, Egnyte, MailBigFile, DropSend, SendSpace, Sharefile, Adrive, FileXpress by Attachmate, File Dropper, Sizable Send, Send This File, DivShare, Streamfile,, Gigasize, Mailbigfile, YouSendIt, SpiderOak, Files Over Miles and Mega.

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Finding duplicate files using different free and paid tools


Learn how to find duplicate files and recover disk space using different tools on your Windows computer. It includes duplicate photos, documents, songs, videos and other files stored on your hard drive.

This article will help you learn more about the different de-duplication and optimization tools. De-duplication is a technical term used to define the process used in finding duplicate files on the computer.

  • Trend Micro Maximum Security
  • Duplicate File Finder by Ashisoft
  • Delete Duplicate Finder by Brana Bujenovic
  • Duplicate Files Finder by ma_boehm
  • Search My Files by Nirsoft

After using these tools, users can either delete, move, copy or rename duplicate files shown in the duplicate files search results.

Trend Micro Maximum Security 2015 version has a built-in feature called “PC Health Checkup” that can help find duplicate files on your computer and secure the computer from malicious software (malware) threats such as virus, trojan, adware, and worm.

To download this tool, go to this official site:

Duplicate File Finder is a free tool developed by Ashisoft to find duplicates files in different locations on your hard drive using different rules including same file name, file extensions, date and time, and SHA-1 hash. It is highly compatible with Windows 7, and 8 operating systems.

To download this tool, go to this official site: Ashisoft.

Delete Duplicate Finder is free tool developed by Brana Bujenovic aimed at clearing up valuable storage space through deletion of duplicate files on your hard drive.

To download this tool, go to this official site:

Duplicate Files Finder is an open source tool developed by ma_boehm that can be used to find duplicate files. A search can be configured using limiting factors such as directories, file types, minimum file size, maximum file size, sub-directories, hidden files, empty files, .

To download this tool, go to this official site:

Search My Files is a free tool developed by Nirsoft. The latest version of this tool added new feature called “Duplicates Search” that allows users to find duplicate files by setting base folders, excluded folders, files wildcard, subfolders wildcard, minimum file size, maximum file size, date created, date modified and date accessed.

To download this tool, go to this official site:

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